Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A school in Mesquite is planning an educational field trip for 60 students to visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. To provide safe, reliable transportation, they decide to book a charter bus rental with our company. We provide a quote for a 56-passenger charter bus to accommodate the group. The total driving distance is about 30 miles roundtrip. We charge $150 per hour and estimate the trip will take approximately 5 hours total. This includes 2 hours of driving time plus 3 hours for museum exploration. With our weekend and weekday pricing being the same, the total quote comes out to $750. The school decides to book the trip with us because of our competitive pricing, outstanding safety record, and friendly drivers. They know their students will have a fun, educational experience getting to and from the museum.


Example #2

A large technology company based in Dallas wanted to host a corporate retreat for their top salespeople in Mesquite. They planned a two day event at one of Mesquite’s upscale hotels and needed transportation for 50 attendees staying at different hotels. To make travel seamless, they booked a luxury 56 passenger charter bus for both days of the retreat. The bus picked up attendees from their hotels in the morning, provided transportation between the hotel and a team building activity, and dropped them back off each evening. For the two ten hour rental days, the total cost came out to $2,750 plus an additional gratuity. The luxury coach provided a professional and unified look for their corporate event along with features like leather seats, TVs, WiFi, and a restroom. With door to door service, their sales team could relax and bond on the drives. The charter bus rental simplified logistics and allowed them to focus on their retreat.


Example #3:

A high school football team in Mesquite is traveling to an away game in a nearby town. The coach wants to provide a fun experience for the players, so he decides to rent a charter bus. For a 56 passenger bus to transport the team 30 miles to the away game and back, plus wait time during the game, the total rental time is 5 hours. Our quote for a weekday rental during football season for this basic itinerary is $650. With the 56 passengers split between the team, coaches, and parents, this works out to just under $12 per person. The coach is happy with the quote since it provides safe, reliable transportation for the team and builds camaraderie. The charter bus allows the parents to avoid driving separately and gives the team a chance to focus before the big game. Our all-inclusive pricing and exceptional service ensure the coach can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while we handle the driving.


Example #4:

A group of 20 friends from Dallas decided to take a day trip to Mesquite for some gaming and entertainment. They booked a 25 passenger party bus for the 40 mile round trip journey. The total duration of the rental was 10 hours, which included pick-up and drop-off time. They were quoted $150 per hour, bringing their total to $1,500. With taxes and fees, the final quote came out to $1,725. The group was picked up in Dallas at 10 AM and taken straight to the Mesquite casino where they spent a few hours trying their luck at the tables and slots. Afterwards, they went to Town East Mall for some shopping and dining. At 6 PM, they headed to Mesquite Championship Rodeo for an evening show. Their party bus driver was friendly, professional, and got them safely to every stop along their itinerary. At the end of the perfect day trip, they were dropped back off in Dallas by 10 PM.


Example #5:

A couple is planning their dream wedding in Mesquite. They want to provide transportation for their 80 wedding guests staying at various hotels in the Las Vegas area. To make it easy and fun for their guests, they decide to rent a charter bus. For a Saturday wedding, they rent a 56 passenger charter bus for 10 hours, picking up guests from their hotels beginning at 9am, taking them to the ceremony, then to the reception, and returning to the hotels at 7pm. The total cost for the 10 hour rental comes to $1,430. The charter bus has comfortable seats, A/C, and even a restroom on board so their guests can relax and enjoy themselves. The couple is thrilled that the per person cost works out to just under $18 per guest. This makes coordinating transportation simple and affordable. Now they can focus on celebrating their big day while we handle getting their guests there in comfort and style.

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